How SAFCO Can Help

SAFCO is a specialty finance company that provides auto loans to people with poor credit or no credit. Also, we work to establish or repair your credit score, which will give you greater financial flexibility for future purchases, from cars to credit cards to mortgages and more.

We are able do this because we don’t operate like traditional lenders.  Instead of simply looking at your credit score to determine whether your loan would be an acceptable risk, SAFCO considers other criteria, such as how long you’ve held your job, and what your cash flow is each month, to make loan decisions.

These are the sort of things that “buy-here-pay-here” auto dealers look at when considering a purchaser’s eligibility.  But, there’s one big difference: at SAFCO, we report your good repayment activity to the credit bureaus who determine your credit score.  By simply repaying your SAFCO loan in a timely manner, you can improve your credit score.  “Buy-here-pay-here” dealers typically only report negative repayment history to the credit bureaus.  So, even if you make your payments on time every month, your good behavior may not be reflected in your credit report or score.

At SAFCO, our goal is to improve our customers’ credit so they can obtain traditional financing with their next automotive purchase.  We may be the only business in the country who doesn’t want repeat customers, because we work to help our customers get the credit they’ve worked hard to achieve.


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