Automobile Insurance

Per your signed contract, comprehensive and collision coverage is required for the life of your loan, and you must provide evidence of insurance upon request.  If SAFCO does not have proof of coverage, please contact your agent immediately and advise them to provide us with evidence of insurance. 

An acceptable insurance policy will meet the following requirements:
• Minimum 6 month policy
• Comprehensive and collision coverage, maximum $1000 deductible on each

Loss Payee as follows:
P.O. BOX 4520,
Sioux City, IA 51104

To update your insurance information with SAFCO, please complete the Insurance Submission Form.

If you have proof of insurance, please fax a copy of your policy to 1-866-319-1597. Be sure to include your name and account number on the fax, and call back to confirm receipt at 1-800-998-0763.

If you have received a notice regarding your insurance policy cancellation, a letter stating we need proof of insurance, or a non-renewal letter, please provide us with a copy of your insurance policy.  You can FAX it to: 1-866-319-1597 or call 1-800-998-0763.  You may also email the information to


For additional information, please click here to view our frequently asked questions and select the Insurance Requirements tab. 


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