Some of our team members are so excited about their careers here at SAFCO they want to let others know about it. We include their quarterly contributions to our blog about what it’s like to be a part of the SAFCO team here.

January 2017

I love that SAFCO is a “family” type company that is small and close knit. During my time here, I have been very fortunate to literally start at the bottom and work my way up by having supervisors who have noticed my skills and potential and then have given me a chance. It is like that, I believe, throughout the Company. I notice that many team members receive challenge assignments and/or are promoted to other departments/positions because leadership has recognized something in them that they feel would be better used in another capacity. SAFCO is also a Company that does everything possible to promote from within. I truly feel that SAFCO is the best Company I’ve ever worked for, and I have been very fortunate to have reported to the best supervisors here throughout my career. My five-year anniversary with SAFCO is coming up, and I believe I am where I am meant to be.

SAFCO sponsors ongoing wellness programs to promote health, fitness, and even money management. I have participated in many of the wellness challenges, and I understand we will be doing the 5K up here in Orlando next year so I’m looking forward to participating in that one. I have won our version of the “Biggest Loser” fitness challenge three times and have led my first team to a win last year. There’s also a small group of people who wanted to continue their weight loss/health journey after “Biggest Loser,” and SAFCO affords me the opportunity to mentor them to give advice and motivation for continued healthy habits and weight loss. In a setting that limits exercise and the ability to eat healthy, I find it very rewarding to give options and help motivate movement.

I have been deeply involved with our SAFCO Cares spirit committee from Day 1. It’s always enjoyable trying to raise morale in the call center and help with charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness & School Supply drives. It is a good feeling to be part of a Company that cares so much about its employees and the community, and I always want to be a part of that.

— Kim West, Quality and Compliance Analyst


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