A Day In the Life at SAFCO

Some of our team members are so excited about their careers here at SAFCO they want to let others know about it. We include their quarterly contributions to our blog about what it’s like to be a part of the SAFCO team here.

Almost 14 years ago, I started my career at SAFCO. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed learning from the different people who led me, and whom I had the pleasure to lead. One of the best things in this tenure is that I have been able to be part of almost every stage in our business process, from originations, to insurance, to the servicing and collection of our accounts. This has allowed me to gain a great deal of experience, to obtain knowledge on subjects that I never thought I would be exposed to, but most importantly, to understand the way the industry operates and what makes SAFCO a successful company.

Recently, I have moved into the Risk Department and embraced the opportunity of learning something new, to understand how our program can be improved and adjusted, to recognize the challenges that the market and the competitors present and to make sure SAFCO continues to be a leader in our field. I have learned many things during these years, but perhaps what has made the more impact, is the importance of having attention to detail, to leave no lose ends, and the ability to react promptly and make adjustments based what we see in our operations.

My years of work at SAFCO have allowed me to grow not only as a team member, but also as a person; I have been encouraged to learn, to participate and provide ideas, to challenge and give my opinion, which I appreciate tremendously. More than anything, I have been able to accomplish many things personally and professionally, to gain great friendships and all along, enjoy what I do and feel part of this SAFCO family.

— Jose Restrepo, Risk Manager


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