A Day In the Life at SAFCO

Some of our team members are so excited about their careers here at SAFCO they want to let others know about it. We include their quarterly contributions to our blog about what it’s like to be a part of the SAFCO team here.

My name is Kim Ford, and I have worked in the finance industry for over 14 years. Since starting my career at SAFCO in 2013, I have worked in all phases of collections, and have learned many new aspects of the auto finance industry. My first role was in the 1-30 group as a Credit Advisor, then shortly thereafter, I moved to the 31+ collections group. After working in the 31+ group for a few years, I looked to advance in my career.

SAFCO has given me the tools and training required to be a successful leader. After completing the Company’s leadership development training program, I was promoted to team lead for the Recovery team. In this new role, I dedicated myself to the Company’s success and made sure I was one of SAFCO’s driving forces. During this time, I was very involved with our SAFCO Cares team, a volunteer group of team members who strive to make a difference at the Company and in the community. We served meals at the Ronald McDonald House, held Back-to-School drives, clothing drives for Haiti Earthquake Relief, and fed the homeless. I like how SAFCO is focused on giving back to the communities that it serves, and I believe we truly made a difference. Our role was also to keep the moral and spirits high here in the Loan Servicing Department through special events at the office.

Throughout my previous years in finance, I never imagined I would achieve a leadership role. However, after being a team lead for six months, I was promoted to Recovery Manager. Thanks to the guidance of my leadership and the opportunities offered to me here at SAFCO, I have grown so much within the Company and have achieved so much. With continued guidance and personal development, I hope I will one day be able to assume a senior leadership position.

– Kim Ford, Recovery Manager


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